About Us

What makes us different. We represent the ones that know how to party, yet know how to grind at the same time. We represent the health enthusiasts. The ones that hustle all day and still make time to hustle at the gym. The ones that get lit with the squad, but also know when to block it all out when focus is a must. The ones that stay to themselves during the day, but is the DJ that makes the crowd go crazy. We represent the ones that are fashion-ready, yet still prioritize the well-being of the environment. We support a sustainable lifestyle. We support a lifestyle filled with music. We support a fit lifestyle. 

As you see, it's quite the challenge to pinpoint who we are with one description. That's because we're all unique. We're everything all in one.

Express yourself according to your mood for the day. Whether it be dressed down for your normal day, or dressed up for that special occasion. With the Latin word, Unum, meaning, "As One", in unisinon with, "M", for "Me", we created our brand to describe who we are in a nutshell.

MUNUM. Me..As One.

Different Styles. Different Attitude. Different Mood. One Brand.