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Here's a scenario: You're going about your day, kickin' it as normal, and you turn on the radio.

You hear the radio personality interviewing artists, trying to get to know him or her on a more personal level and you realize, "Damn, must be nice interviewing artists for a living in the comfort of a studio!" I mean, of course, there's more to it, but how dope is it to be chillin' with musicians, asking them what comes to your mind and finding what drives creative minds to produce the music that they do? 

Then we have boss lady, Gabby Diaz, who does exactly just that. Born and raised in Los Angeles, this talented radio personality has gotten to know some of pop and hip hop's known names. From Jojo, to Kehlani, Nick Jonas, DRAM, DNCE and many more, Gabby has had the opportunity to interview artists of various genres. 

Now, if you wanted to get to know her on her element, you can always tune in on YouTube and peep the personal vlogs she recently started. I think the dopest people in the public eye are the ones who aren't afraid to show who they are (to a certain extent, of course - click below and subscribe to her channel!). Alright, alright. I can go on about Gabby, but I'll let you be and read on about her ;)

The basics: Who is Gabby Diaz? Where did you grow up and where do you currently reside?

Born in raised in Los Angeles. The San Gabriel Valley to be exact. Now I currently live in the Bay Area. Who is Gabby Diaz? This fan of the culture, a person who is intrigued by the music, and how it affects people.

    It’s hard to imagine you having any spare time. You seem like you’re always on the go. But when you do, what are some things you enjoy doing?

    Definitely always on the go! But lately on my spare time I have been working out. Been doing a lot of boxing classes at Basecamp in Burlingame. SO GOOD! I feel like this is the most consistent place I have been to for my workouts. Its been helping me to hit something lol. We all have those days you know.

    You definitely have an ear for good music. Was being a radio personality always part of the plan?  What was the inspiration/motivation behind choosing this career path?

    The funny thing is, NO! I kinda fell into it and I am SO GRATEFUL for it! I was going to cosmetology school and working for an online store at the time. I was kinda just over it and I had gotten an email blast from Power 106 asking me if i’d be interested in coming in and being a part of their listener panel. I would get free concert tickets and dinner if i went. So I WAS IN! I went and the Program Director was digging my vibe I guess you can say lol. He asked if I would like to keep in contact with him and I said sure. It was probably November of 2009 when I had hit my breaking point at my job and decided to send my resume. I got hired in March of 2010 and the rest was history!

    Speaking of good music, which era of hip hop (90’s, 80’s, etc) do you prefer and why?

    Man for me I think its both. Im such an old soul when it comes to music. My parents were like the disco king and queen so I grew up listening to a lot of 80s music and really discovered the 90s on my own.

    In the profession you’re in, you’ve probably met various musicians/rappers/singers in the industry that made you think, “Hmm, he/she is pretty dope! I didn’t know that about him/her.”. Any specific artist that is the most influential to you?

    Hmmm I think the person that I have met that has been the most influential has been Poo Bear. I mean this dude is a legend in the game. He has written songs for 112, Justin Bieber, and more. The funny thing is I met this dude when A-Ron and I were doing our internet radio show, Rosewood Radio. Poo Bear had asked me to go outside for a smoke break and we chopped it up. The funny thing is I don't remember the conversation completely, but I remember the feeling I had. The feeling that this is what I am supposed to be doing. Being a voice in the culture.


    Did you ever come across certain family members or friends who criticize your career choices? What were their objections and how did you handle it?

    Not really, my family is really supportive! My mom is my right hand, ride or die, etc. She's the first one that knows anything that goes on. But I don't think I would have gotten this far it wasn't for her pushing me.

      What did you have to give up/sacrifice to follow your dream? If you could go back and change one thing, knowing what you know now, what would you have done different?

      My personal life. At one point I was working 24/7. I remember I was working at Skam Artist doing Social Media Mon-Fri 9a-7p, on air at Power Friday Nights 12a-5a, then would get up Saturday morning to be on the road by 10a to be on air in San Diego from 2-7, then would be on Sundays 10-3 then go home and do it all over again on Monday. It got exhausting, but thats how bad I wanted this shit. Nothing was gonna stop me. Believe it or not I wouldn't change anything. I feel like my career has gotten me this far because of the struggles. It taught me so much about my self.

        Define a go-getter.

          A go getter is someone who is unstoppable. They crave the grind and what comes with it. Someone who doesn't except no for an answer. And also someone who learns from their mistakes. Losing is never an option. Either you win, or you learn.

          Speaking of go-getter, where do you see yourself 3-4 years from now?

          Man hopefully back in LA. I would really love to be able to talk to my city again during afternoon drive. I also want to have my YouTube channel up and running and have a bigger presence online. We’ll see what happens though. I am open for whatever is being thrown at me.

            I admire the fact that you’re a female in the scene that is admired by many.  It’s a tough crowd, and it’s always great to see those that break the barriers.  What can you say to those that think it’s a male dominated industry, yet here you are, proving them otherwise?

            Honestly I think its because of my personality and attitude. I have always been a bit of a tom boy and have always been able to hang with the boys. I am super strong willed. I think that has helped me a lot. I am honest and work hard.

            You’re talking to a group of admirers and people who find you as an inspiration.  What is the best advice you can give them about following their dreams?

            Do not let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do something. I feel like the worst thing we do as humans is put our destiny into someone else’s hands. That needs to stop, its your life, so take control of it, and do what you are meant to do.

            There you have it, folks. Words from the wise. Everything that happens to you is exactly what was intended to happen to you, so embrace the hustle and struggle on your way to success 😉  
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