Alida McDaniel

"Go-getter: One with a relentless pursuit of personal excellence who spends more time on bettering their actions and habits than they do complaining about those of others."

Let's face it.

Sometimes, it's just easier to think and plan our agenda for the next day than it is to actually do it.  Not to mention, all these thoughts run through your head right before bed, too. And the craziest part is that the next day, not only do you feel mad exhausted because you were up half the night thinking of how you were going to conquer the world, but now, all those thoughts that you had were just literally that, just thoughts

And then you have individuals like Alida, who pretty much gets done whatever she sets her mind to. Her day starts when some of ours is just ending, and she accomplishes that much more by getting this head start. This personal trainer turned life coach (among many things that she does) is, hands down, one of the most amazing lady I've met in the industry. Her positive attitude towards everything and motivational posts on the daily are so inspiring.  Lowkey, I could be having a not-so-good day, and right when I see my feed and see what she has to say, it makes me have a different outlook on what I was thinking about. Now, just like they say - those that are successful usually come from humble beginnings - and that's exactly how Alida's story is.  Read below to get to know more about this awesome person.

The basics: Who is Alida McDaniel?  Where did you grow up and where do you currently reside?

I grew up in La Mirada, a small suburb town near Buena Park and Fullerton in California. Born and raised. I’m thankful to my mom who worked 3-5 jobs at any given time to keep us in the same house and setting an example for me to be great in life. She taught me how to hustle and showed me that truly anything is possible when you are really in it with mind, body AND spirit. I’ve spent all my life in California...went to culinary school in San Francisco, moved to the Palm Springs area after graduation and lived there for 11 years before moving back to LA. Now I’m in south OC and loving it!

It’s hard to imagine you having any spare time.  You seem like you’re always on the go. But when you do, what are some things you enjoy doing?

I’m a book worm. My mom inspired me to seek knowledge so my life has been really devoted to being a disciple of higher consciousness. If I have a spare moment I’m studying some form of spiritual philosophy, ancient hidden teachings, comparative religions and am now learning two new languages- French and Italian- to better understand the differences in cultural frames of perception. I developed a deep appreciation for nature when I learned I could talk to it while in Australia so I really enjoy spending time with trees, at the beach, or sun gazing.

Hands down, you’re one of the most inspirational individuals I’ve come across in my journey. Your positivity is just so contagious! What keeps you going during some “off” days?

Thank you!!! I have a system now...I spent the first 20ish years of my life battling depression, chronic illness, obesity, and seasonal affective disorder. When I finally broke the cycle, I promised myself I’d never return. I start each day in gratitude and mentally planning before I even step foot out of bed. When I’m awake, I write down all the things and people I’m thankful for AND to, then review my goals and personal mission statement. It helps to remind me of WHY I am doing what I’m doing and puts me in the mindset of divine service to others while practicing personal excellence in my own life.’s nobody else’s fault if I’m having a bad day. They should not suffer because I’m choosing to see only lack. It’s better for me to give MORE hugs and find MORE reasons to feel grateful. That always pulls me back to clarity.

What was the decision behind making the switch from being a personal trainer to a life coach?

Personal trainers, like nail techs and hairstylists, end up talking about much more than just the task at hand. I found myself sharing much of what I was learning in quantum mechanics, law of attraction, and personal ownership with my clients. As a trainer, I could only help someone when they were in my care but when they left, I was out of touch and they were free to fall back into old patterns. I taught my clients enough about proper movement to be able to talk and train at the same time so that we could hack away at their personal issues WHILE training. I saw incredible results happening when we would address more than just their physical fitness. I felt like I could make more impact by doing the coaching full time so I could reach a greater audience while working from home.

We know you have some big moves about to happen for your brand/gym fairly soon (stay tuned, y’all). Congratulations on all the accomplishments! With so much competition out there, your gym has really stood out with the crowd.  It’s like the playground where the cool kids go How does it feel to see how far your business has come?

My fiance, Will, is responsible for the awesomeness. Until recently when we opened our new location, I’ve been kind of a sidekick watching and supporting from behind the scenes. He’s like a fun loving, big kid in a bigger body and it shows in how he promotes the biz. The key to our success is more about collaboration and less about competition. When we hold events, we ask local gyms and trainers to take part. When we do fundraisers, we partner up with local businesses in our network. He has a relentless spirit to not give up on growth and I have a tenacious spirit to spark passion in every one of our clients. In the two years we have been together, we have created an entirely new vibe with the gym through unique events featuring spoken word and art as well as fundraising efforts to support community efforts. I’m truly blessed to see how far we have come together as I know we could not have created what we have now without doing it together.

This question somewhat piggybacks to question #4. You could have been a personal trainer and still make a difference in other people’s lives. It would have been less stress. What urged you to open up a gym?

When I was a trainer I had a massive ego clients were going outside of my frame of recommendation to see health coaches, nutritionists, and various doctors who were doing more harm to them than good. I saw clients falling backward in the progress we made together by trusting others who had degrees and certs for things I didn’t. I always wanted to have a network of preferred providers in the holistic fields that I trusted my clients with. It was a secret dream of mine that I didn’t start working to manifest until June of last year.

When Will decided he wanted to move the gym, the place we found required us to change our classification in order to do forced us into creating that holistic network! This platform allows me to know that our clients are in the best of care with chiropractic, massage, meal prep, nutritional coaching, and skin care to support the work we do with them in personal training and life coaching.

Stress? Eh, the satisfaction of knowing that we are providing the utmost of excellence in care trumps any amount of stress that may surface.

Did you ever come across certain family members or friends who criticize your career choices? What were their objections and how did you handle it?

Minimal. I’ve come to realize that people criticize what they don’t understand and also what they fear. I take a look at the person giving the “advice” and determine whether or not they have successful experience in the area. If not, I listen and consider but often dismiss their perceptions as they may be unconsciously attempting to deter me from expanding.  

What did you have to give up/sacrifice to follow your dream?  If you could go back and change one thing, knowing what you know now, what would you have done different?

I had to give up comfort. Every day is a new we’re now in construction we come in to a new gym each day. Literally. Endless amounts of dust, new paint, walls there one day and gone the next…

I’ve learned that life is about losing yourself, at least the old version of yourself that you were yesterday. I am working this year to completely shed attachment to my identity so much so that I can be a better, more enlightened version of my “self” each day. If I am not challenging myself to this shedding then I’m staying stagnant and I’ll fall behind.

If I could go back? Interestingly enough, I often DO go back! I learned a meditation tool while attending University of Santa Monica for Spiritual Psychology where we can go back and give advice to our past self. The things I tell my younger self: let it go, forgive FAST, take ownership for how you have co-created this’s ALL part of your spiritual curriculum so don’t play the victim when you could celebrate the blessings. It helps me to heal my perceptions of the past without feeling regret. Outside of that, I’ve made a LOT of mistakes but they made me who I am today so I wouldn’t change a thing.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In five years, I have a retreat center where I can teach people every aspect of holistic living: fitness, mindfulness, growing organic foods, cooking clean, vibrational tuning, and relationship building with self, others, and nature. Also, I see Mind Soul Fit being a nation-wide network/app for holistic health practitioners/providers and my online academy, Goddess Intelligence Academy, with a million happy students. And God-willing, I’m traveling globally on a regular basis to speak to powerful audiences and inspire conscious business practices.

Define a go-getter.

One with a relentless pursuit of personal excellence who spends more time on bettering their actions and habits than they do complaining about those of others. I think 2017 will bring about a more conscious ‘go-giver’ who’s focused on how their service or product will impact the world in a positive way and determined to act with immense integrity.

What (or who) is your greatest inspiration?

Mom. For sure! She has worked 6-7 days a week for as far back as I can remember. She’s self-driven to provide excellent service to her clients and will find every opportunity to deliver it. Also, she never gives up. She’s one of those people who can run circles around 20 year olds just by sheer will.

By Will, my fiance, who pushes despite the struggles to keep fighting for the vision of this gym and never giving up when obstacles arise. He’s worked more in the last two years on being a better man in spirit and has become devoted to doing great amounts of inner work so that he can be better to and for me. I’m truly inspired by his devotion to our relationship and our business.

Finally, I’m inspired by the knowing that my actions set the example for others not just in what they see me do but the vibration I put out in consciousness. I’m blown away by the power we have to grow together as ONE when we allow ourselves to be and do great things FOR the sake of the greater good. I mean, how cool is it to know that when you do something to better yourself, you lift a bit of the karmic load on the whole of humanity?! That’s inspiring!

I admire the fact that you’re a female in the scene that is admired by many.  It’s a tough crowd, and it’s always great to see those that break the barriers.  It’s rare to see a female owning a private gym (let alone, with a great social following). What can you say to those that think it’s a male dominated industry, yet here you are, proving them otherwise?

I’m a bit twisted when it comes to this topic. lol I mentally thrive in male dominated industries! There’s a bit of adrenaline rush...okay maybe a MASSIVE rush...for me in the knowing that I can succeed in an industry where women tend to avoid. I jumped into this project feeling bummed that there are very few female entrepreneurs that stand out in history as role models. Honestly, I feel women have given away their power...unconsciously of the status quo. So, while this is more a partnership with my fiance, my personal mission is to establish a new revolution in female entrepreneurship where women don’t give a shit if men have dominated. If you have the skill, you have the drive, and you have the “balls” you can and WILL succeed no matter what your sex. THAT is what I hope to inspire through my work in this business.

Life definitely has its way of working itself out. Alida's story reminds us that when you have passion, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to. The hardest part to reaching this goal is taking that first step; but once you get over that hurdle, the sky is the limit.

You can catch Alida at MIND SOUL FIT - 

4120 Birch Street, #119
Newport Beach, California
Instagram: @mindsoulfitoc

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