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Posted on September 11 2015

Picture this

 You’ve always wanted to do something different. You’ve always wanted to do something bigger, something more, for yourself. But you’re not sure where to start. You’re not sure if you should just “sleep on it”, thinking that the next day would bring new thoughts (and that you’d forget about what you thought of the day before).  

 Reality is..there are a lot who think the same way. The difference is..some actually take the risk of pursuing this dream – this goal.

 The Munum team decided to start a segment that focuses on individuals who took a leap of faith and follow their passion. We think it’s a great idea to bring attention to certain men and women who could be a huge motivation to others, to bring light to others and show that these thoughts and barriers are just a part of the road to success. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.

Our first #influentialindividual is Gill Acosta Vea aka Gibs. I’ve been following his journey on social media and admire his perseverance in attaining his dreams.  Read on to get to know a bit about this motivated hustla.



1. The basics: Who is Gibs? Name? Where did you grow up and where do you currently reside?

      Gibs: My real name is Gill Acosta Vea but “Gibs” is a name that was given to me since middle school. I am a medical professional, hip hop vocalist/artist and recently joined the sport of boxing. Half my entire life, I grew up in a small town called Santa Maria Valley in the coastal part of Central California. About 10 years ago, I moved to Southern California all over in the Los Angeles and Orange County and now I currently live near west of Downtown Los Angeles.

       2. I’ve been following your journey for quite some time (the joys of FB) and I know you’re in the healthcare industry. When did you realize you wanted to tap in to the music industry as well?

      Gibs: I’m very blessed and appreciate you following my journey full of dreams. Actually, my first “career” was the Telecom Industry, where we do installation of phone/data services for a little over a year. Moved back home to my family for about a year and during that time, I picked up on music since there wasn’t many things to do. Shortly, I decided to move back on my own to seek better music opportunities in Southern California. Eventually, I needed an actual job to support myself and my music projects so I pursued to medical school to obtain a license in Clinical Laboratory.

       3. What are some of the challenges you face/faced when you decided to start a rapping career?

      Gibs: When I first stepped into music, the number one challenge was to be able to take positive or negative criticism as a benefit in favoring to become a much better artist. I figured, if anyone can do it, so can I. It will always start with believing in myself and those who also support as well as those who will doubt me.

       4. Did you ever come across certain family members or friends who criticize your career choices? What were their objections and how did you handle it?

        Gibs: Of course. At first, which many people don’t know today. I started my music career as a “singer”. Attempted a few songs with friends who were familiar with the industry. Later, come to realize that I didn’t have strong vocal skills aside from a songwriter’s touch. I gave up. Frustrated and depressed. But something was telling me to give it another try. One day, I decided to do a rap song and the reaction I’ve gotten from family and friends felt like a miracle. I was told that I’ve should’ve been rapping from the get go because it fit me perfectly. My family, especially my mother has been my #1 supporters since and there’s no better feeling than that.

         5. Define a go-getter.

          Gibs: Well, a go getter stays focused on what they want out of life. No matter what it is, whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer, architect, actor, singer, etc. Nothing else can get in the way of your focus, because you are determined, motivated, and most importantly you’re an optimist that when you don’t have the best days, you will never look back and keep going forward.

           6. There’s a saying that sometimes we have to take a step back to take 2 steps forward. Did you have to sacrifice anything along the way to get where you are today?

            Gibs: It’s a bit selfish to say but I had to give up time for relationships. Set aside from going back to school for a higher education/better paying job. Many will say, balance is key but when you have so much on your plate, you just want to focus on your happiness first and the things you want out of life with no distractions or feelings. But of course, I have yet to experience someone that will accept the fact that I’m a busy person chasing my dreams, which I understand that music and boxing isn’t going to be there forever. Eventually, I will want to settle down and follow my back up plan in the next 6-7 years, but that is something I’m not too worried at the moment. You only get to follow your heart once and say you tried going for your dreams rather than it being too late and regretting it for the rest of your life.

             7. Whenever you have those days where giving up seemed much easier than moving forward, what do you tell yourself or do to help you snap out of it?

              Gibs: Just a bad day. When you put the amount of time, dedication, your soul into something you believe in, you’re always come back to asking yourself “why stop now?” You have to accept the fact that success will not happen overnight. Some may be more fortunate than others, in a much short timed fashion but everyone has their own struggles before they got to where they’re at. If you have the courage to keep going, nothing else can get in the way of your emotions.

              8. I noticed you added boxing to your plate. How did that come about?

              Gibs: Let’s just say I got bored of lifting weights. Kidding. Long story short, my younger brother Marvin, who is at the age of 18, pursued his amateur career actively for about a year. I feel like I needed to be a part of the sport in order to benefit his future later down the line and become his trainer/corner man. In future if I find myself enjoying the sport, which I already do. I’d like to start a gym one day and train the youth in becoming great athletes.

              9. What should we expect from Gibs in the next few months to come? What is your ultimate career goal?

              Gibs: To train hard, get well conditioned, and to win my first fight in January of 2016. I’m excited to see what the future holds in becoming a champion.


              10. You’re talking to a group of admirers/fans. What is the best advice you can give them about following their dreams?

              Gibs: Don’t give up, give everything a try. Don’t wonder how it would be like to be this or that… because you’ll never know what you’ll be great at.

              There you have it.  Moral of his story is to not give up.  Sure, we all have moments of wanting to throw the towel in, but that's the exact same situation that determines your will to push through.  We'll continue to follow Gibs' journey in the future, so make sure to subscribe to our site to be updated as well.

              Don't give up, y'all. You got this. 

              Be the positive influence you'd want to see in others.  The video below is one by Gibs. We enjoyed watching this as it reflects influencing positive vibes all around.  Wanna see change?  Well, it starts with you.  Enjoy!

              Follow his journey:



              Wanna make the world a better place? First, let's ...

              "START WITH YOURSELF" by GIBS V.I want you to please share this with the rest of the world. For me, for you, for EVERYONE. Those who want to make a DIFFERENCE in yourself and for the world today..IT'S TIME for a change and it STARTS WITH YOURSELF. This is something I've always wanted to create and put out but never had the courage to. Over the years of CRITICISM, HATE, ENVY, and JEALOUSY coming from others.. it was hard for me to put such message into a song while having FEELING behind it that many can RELATE to. Today's society isn't like what it used to be. Today's society has brain washed the new GENERATION, clouded with NEGATIVITY, MEANINGLESS, RUDE, DISTASTEFUL AND OFFENSIVE content, and much more I can say.. Today's society lacks QUALITY OF HUMANITY. Where'd it go? Why are we becoming a world FULL OF HATE? WHY do we TREAT others with DISRESPECT? Why can't we help each other GROW? You may had a bad life, many has had them too and so have I, but that doesn't mean we should throw our FAITH out the window and start blaming it on everyone around us. We should share what others don't have. Share the CONFIDENCE that others don't possess. Share the LOVE to the ones who NEED it the most. Share the BEHAVIOR of a ROLE MODEL. Be the BIGGER PERSON. Be the Son of God. Be the person who can change someone's PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE. What's important to today's society is the views, popularity, fame... all for the pettiest reasons. What's WRONG with people these days? Someone being beat to death while bystanders record it for the internet or for the police, and when it's all over with.. That person beaten to death is no longer breathing. This society is making me sick. Do you find it entertaining to watch? Can you imagine if it was your FAMILY on the other side of being HURT? If it wouldn't affect you, you DON'T belong here. You need RE-EVALUATE what your PURPOSE is, waking up every day. You need HELP. Again, I'm not here to tell you what to do with your life but if you want to the WORLD to be a BETTER PLACE.. All you gotta do is... START WITH YOURSELF.Please SHARE, TAG someone you know, someone that needs to hear this message, and those who support me and my music. You won't regret it. I promise. All it takes is one share at a time.More music: http://purpnapswag.comFanpage: IG: by Bee Rhodes*****LYRICS*****"START WITH YOURSELF" BY GIBS V.We need to make some changes and stop tryna be famousInstead of judging the colors of others, with all the hatingWho we to blame them, ask yourself who'd you put your faith inGod put us on this world to go dismiss the satinNo matter the race, we all make mistakesNobody's perfect, we get ugly with a pretty faceAll the murders and rape, ain't nowhere to escapeEveryday, every one of us put our life at stakeI can't believe that racism is still an issueTreating others as if we wiping them with a tissueLiving all the lies and then they go and kiss youBroken promises they wouldn't be able to be committed toPRE HOOK What's it gonna take to bring the unity in communityEvery second you breathe is an equal opportunityThe lord expects our love to show up, no truancyLet's make the positive energy, a bit more usefully--------------HOOKLet's change the world, let's love each otherLet's treat everyone like they ya sis and brotherDon't stress so much on the past to dwellKeep moving forward cuz its gonna start with yourself--------------I'm a bit ashamed .. of today's societyRecord kids beat up an elder with severe anxietyWhen he yelling for help, what they tryna sell?Just another stupid reason, throw that ass in jailThe money, the drugs won't 'mount to a blessingA big fat heart remains far more impressiveKeep the peace..Teach the rest with a lesson..Drop the weapons, the tensions because it's no question..No reasons to promote all the hate and aggressionThe typa attention, just need a sense of directionGod is my only hope, my only protectionWe make many sins but the dream is to make it in heavenPRE HOOK What's it gonna take to bring the unity in communityEvery second you breathe is an equal opportunityThe lord expects our love to show up, no truancyLet's make the positive energy, a bit more usefully---------------

              Posted by Gibs V Acosta on Wednesday, July 8, 2015




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