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Posted on May 21 2015

Munum was fortunate enough to be one of the first brands to make an appearance at Collective Lifestyle.  Located at 8906 Reseda Blvd., Northridge, CA, 91324, the store is definitely something new to the valley. It has a unique vibe to it - you'll get a feel for fashion, art, music, and a lounge all in one.  I could definitely see myself sittin' back on the couch while listening to great tunes.  

A snippet of a few brands available at the store during Industry Night.  The ambiance is impressive.  Definitely check them out when you're in the area. 

Apparel and accessories are available at Collective Lifestyle.  You'll be welcomed by friendly staff/friends.  I'm sure you'll meet at least one of these awesome guys - CJ, Alvin or Mike, so don't shy away from stopping by.  
It's true what they say, that hard work really does pay off.  We all know that nothing worth having comes easy.  Take it from Collective Lifestyle's owner, CJ.  He's one of the humblest guys I've ever met. I tweeted something about a few ideas for Munum - nothing crazy, and tadaa - that's how it all began.  From simple tweets, to emails, to business meetings and then now, a collaboration.  One of the best accomplishments an individual can have is to see his or her dream become a reality.  For us, it was Munum. For him, it was having his own store.  This definitely proves to show that if you have your heart and mind set to something, nothing is impossible.  We're truly grateful to be given the opportunity to be showcased at Collective Lifestyle.  
This is only the begininning.. ;)

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