Air Max Day

Just a few weeks ago, Nike revealed the Air Max Box in Los Angeles, CA.  Available for guests to see, it was ongoing from March 26th - 18th at 735 E. 3rd St.  The Nike Air Max itself has been an evolving sneaker with a lot of stories to tell.  From your casual shorts and shirt outfit, to the ladies wearing it with a skirt and tank top.  Given the the wide range of audience the Air Max has laid its hands on, we already knew that this pop-up location was going to be a hit to many.  With this year only being the second since Nike launched Air Max Day, many were anticipating what this event was going to hold down.


And of course, by no suprise, the Air Max Box was a great event.  From the afternoon hours up until the last hour of the last night, this spot was filled with massive fans of the well known sneakers.

Considering it was a weekday, it amazed me how many people came through on a Thursday to check out this dope pop-up installation.

3-D printers were on deck.  If you attended any of the events, you were given one of these mini Air Max's as a giveaway.

 Yes. We were there.