Agenda Emerge

Inspirational insights were brought to the table by these amazing speakers.  It proves that they, too, are human, and that the road to success was not a smooth stroll.  To be successful, you have to have tunnel vision and passion.  Anyone can have a hobby, but it takes balls to pursue your future.  If you don't work for what you want, you'll be working for someone else that went for their dream.

Ryan Hurley was the main host who did the 'interviews' with other creators.  It was quite the entertainment watching him interview his Dad, Bob Hurley, founder of Hurley.  
Shepard Fairey


Who would've thought that a simple design for backpack would be such a hit?  "From small beginnings come great things" is a great quote that could describe the history of Herschel Supply Co.  The legendary Tinker Hatfield.  I'm sure half the collection of sneakers I have woulnd't even exist if it wasn't for this man.  Kids wouldn't be lining up in front of stores on Friday night/Saturday morning if it weren't for him.  Since the 80's Mr. Hatfield has been designing sneakers that have know to be big hits to sneakerheads.  All hail, Tinker!!